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  • Improperly applied felt
  • Wrinkled underlayment
  • Roof deck movement
  • Spacers not used in between roof deck boards
  • Poor roof ventilation
  • New shingles applied over old, rough shingles



  • Add ventilation to the attic space. The minimum requirement is one square foot of Net-Free Vent Area per 150 square feet of attic floor space.
  • Allow moisture to escape the roofing system. This can be a slow process and could take until the following spring. Once the roofing system reaches the proper moisture content, the roof should lay flat and the buckling problem should not return.
  • Remove the shingles that are affected, cut the wrinkle in the felt and replace the shingles.
  • Consult the services of a professional. Make sure to apply shingles in accordance with the shingle manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Algae Growth

Algae Growth


  • Airborne algae is deposited and grows on roof, resulting in a dark discoloration, usually brown to black, and a streaked, dirty-looking rooftop.
  • Occurs mostly in warm, humid climates such as the Southeast (where algae resistant shingles are available), but doesn’t affect long-term performance.


  • Discoloration of roofs caused by fungus or algae is difficult to remove, but may be lightened by spraying a diluted solution of chlorine bleach, trisodium phosphate and water onto the roof. This solution can be rinsed from the roof in 10 to 15 minutes. Do not scrub because scrubbing will loosen and remove shingle granules.
  • After spraying, be sure to thoroughly flush the roof and the greenery around the home (grass, bushes and shrubs) with water. The effectiveness of this type of cleaning may only be temporary, and the discoloration may recur.
  • High-pressure washing is not recommended because of the possibility of removing granules, which can shorten the life of the roofing system.
  • For a more permanent solution, reroof with Owens Corning™ algae-resistant shingles. They are specifically designed to inhibit most algae growth for extended periods of time and are backed by our product warranty and Algae Resistance Warranty.*

* See actual algae-resistant shingle warranty for details. Algae-resistant products are not available in all areas. Contact Exterior Energy Solutions for more information or FREE ROOF INSPECTION.

How To Clean Your Gutters

Pick a dry day to begin cleaning your gutters.  Make sure you have the necessary equipment including gloves, bucket, garden trowel or gutter scoop, whisk-broom and rag. Inspect your gutters as you clean. Look for corrosion, holes, leaking or loose joints, and missing or bent hangers, and mark the problems with masking tape. The tape will help you find the problem spots quickly when you are ready to do the repairs.

Clean Gutters & Gutter Guard

Clean Gutters & Gutter Guard

Remember if you need our assistance or Free Advice for Roof, Repair, Insulation, Gutter & Siding call Exterior Energy Solutions, an Owen Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor.

Do You Need A New Roof?

Shown below are common symptoms that indicate it may be time for you to get a new roof. Select your roof style and click on any problem to learn what’s causing it and how to fix it.

10 Signs of Roof Damage: Leaking, Algae Growth, Damaged Flashing, Buckling, Missing Shingles, Missing Granules, Rotting, Blistering, Curling.

10 Signs of Roof Damage: Leaking, Algae Growth, Damaged Flashing, Buckling, Missing Shingles, Missing Granules, Rotting, Blistering, Curling.

Generally speaking, new shingled roofs should last upwards of 20+ years. However, many factors, such as proper installation, climate, and ventilation, impact the life of your roof.

Even if your roof shows signs of the symptoms mentioned above, you may not need a total roof replacement. A trusted roofing professional can give your roof a thorough examination and let you know if you are in need of a new roof, or just a few repairs. If you don’t already work with a roofing contractor, you can call us for a FREE ROOF EVALUATION

Have Your Roof Inspected After Storm!

We’ve had a rainy stormy few days. This is the time to make certain that there are no leaks or damage.

Most of the time the damage is not detected until much later. Protect your home and possessions.


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Roofing Tips

In the 1980s America saw one of the largest residential construction booms and now 20 years later, it’s time to check your house for wear and tear.  One key area to check is your roof.  Many homes have roofs that are more than 20 years old and may need to be replaced.  Instead of replacing it with the basic three-tab, many homeowners are stepping it up and installing double laminate or architectural design shingles to improve the home’s curb appeal.  And why not? A roof is 50 percent of a home’s exterior.

When winter snow and ice melts and then refreezes on a roof, ice dams are formed. Ice dams cause damage to shingles, siding, insulation and even walls.  Take some of the following precautions to help prevent ice dams: clear away excessive icicles, clean out gutters and downspouts, add a layer of attic insulation to reduce heat loss and make sure your roof is properly ventilated.

Now is the time to check your roof for shingle damage, leaks, missing shingles, and flashing before the winter storm season hits.  Much of this year’s storm damage can be minimized if homeowners take long-term precautions with their roofs. To receive a free Roof Troubleshooting Kit from Owens Corning, call 1-800-GET-PINK.

When replacing your roof, take a look at your siding when selecting a roof color. Consider choosing a roofing shingle with color granules that match your current siding color, so you can create a unified exterior.

Using a type-I or a type-II-class-ladder, climb onto the damaged section of the roof.  Gently bend back the shingles above the damaged section to expose the area.  Remove nails and shingle debris with the claw head of a hammer and then slide the new shingle in place and nail it down.  Finally, glue down the raised shingles with roofing cement and apply it with a caulking gun or old putty knife.  If you need professional help, click on the ProConnect™ icon to find a professional in your area.

Preparing your roof now for the high winds and rain of the spring storm season may prevent damage and expensive repairs in the upcoming months. Check for loose or damaged shingles and seal around flashings, chimneys or vent pipes if necessary. Also inspect your drainage system for loose or clogged gutters and downspouts.

Need to check out your roof for broken or missing shingles? Try to avoid walking on your roof in cold weather since the shingles are brittle and can easily break. Instead, stand on the ground and use a pair of binoculars to scope out the roof’s surface.

Before winter hits, head up to your roof and look for cracked shingles, rusted flashing, open joints, or brittle mastic. Good places to look first are valleys and chimneys, but you’ll also want to check ridges, hips, vent flashing and other flashing.

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Things You Should Ask Your Contractor


1. How long has your company been in business?

2. May I see your insurance certificate?

3. May I talk to previous customers and see some of your previous projects?

4. How long is your warranty and what does it cover?

5. Will you be using subcontractors and, if so, are the subcontractors insured?

May I see insurance verification?

6. Tell me about your energy-efficiency policy.

Do you strive to surpass energy code requirements rather than simply meet code?

7. What should my energy consumption be in this home?

8. What are the R-values of my doors, windows, exterior walls, attic, garage and basement?

9. How will the HVAC system be sized, designed and installed?

10. Do you test for air leakage in the houses you build? How?

11. Do you install

QuietZone Noise Control Solutions in your homes, such as around

bathrooms, bedrooms, between floors, in media rooms and in duct systems?


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